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Hello world. Right now seems like such an insensitive time to write about anything related to self and not whats happening in the world (the racial revolution happening in the wake of the murder of George Floyd).

But, just this week I have heard 2 people say I should continue writing. One even said continue writing everyday. Which I think is ridiculous. And to add to that, I’m writing this while my 13 month old also tries to type on my keyboard. That and many other things have been why I have been unmotivated to write.. I also didn’t want this blog to come across as a diary that I just wrote into everyday. Apart of me wants to ask myself why is that wrong? I think mostly it’s because I’m a private person and making myself vulnerable online makes me nauseous. But I digress.

The murder of George Floyd has unfortunately made many parts of the world focus more on the injustices faced by Black people. So much so that brands, corporations and companies are revealing how many Black employees they have, how much they value diversity and how much money they’re donating to support causes that support the Black community. Honestly, it’s a lot of fluffy bullshit to save face but what else is new.

Fortunately, this revolution that is happening has inspired many young Black creatives to continue to poor back into their communities. A plus sized fashion influencer promoted a 1 hour session with her marketing team. This is where the story of self comes in.

So recently, my best friend’s sister started a business right before Mother’s Day this year. I quickly called her congratulating her. I was secretly thrilled because I was personally looking for a business venture to promote, something that I could execute someone else’s idea. I had been thinking about PR and my writing skills for quite some time now and I thought I finally had a chance.

On phone we talked about a website, pictures, Twitter, Instagram and how I truly believed she could take her business to the next level – and I could help her do that.

Back to the 1 hour session with the marketing team, it was actually so successful. Both Black creatives (Natalie and Michael) were so helpful and actually inspired this post. Their pointers and they’re listening skills actually were *chef’s kiss*. It seems as though my ideas are actually tangible and I only need to apply pressure now.

So that’s it, that’s all. I guess I’m starting a PR venture? Pourquoi Pree Productions? I’ll let you know how it goes. But in the mean time, follow and support GRAZERLICIOUS. AKA my PR baby and yes my first baby is very jealous. Pictures below.

Tamara Francis is the genius and food design guru behind all these photos. She actually should become a food photographer. Her boxes are a delight to look at and taste even better.

I just love this picture.